Company Branding


3 Reasons for Company Branding:


  • Perceptions about your company by customers are vital to your business’s success.
  • You’re your companies message determines your business strengths and weaknesses.
  • Branding is a huge component in your positioning strategy.

Company branding is a huge factor when marketing your company. Branding ensures that wherever you market that your marketing efforts all come back directly to your business. If your business doesn’t have proper branding your target customers can become easily confused as to, who you are and what it is you are trying to sell.

A company logo is a key tool in marketing as it provides a visual aid for your customer to easily distinguish you from your competitors. Your logo helps to distinguish your business and product. Branding helps you become a household name, Coca Cola is a great example of this fact. No matter what language you product is sold in or what country you do business with, your logo will always be the same.

Your companies branding is based on visual branding, verbal branding, your brand strategy and research/development. Visual branding deals with graphic design, strategic thinking, logo design and your brand application. Verbal branding consists of names, corporate identities and taglines used in marketing your product. Brand strategies include your company’s message, architecture and business planning. Research and development tie in heavily to your brand vision, this give you confidence and power to make strategic decisions about your brand.


At Digital Media Hero we do everything from logo design to your corporate identity.